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  1. F01 Sailing Home.mp3
  2. F02 Hundred Flowers Medley.mp3
  3. F03 Midnight Aroma(New).mp3
  4. F04 East Rain West Sunny.mp3
  5. F05 Lover's Tear.mp3
  6. F06 Tear's Rain Medley.mp3
  7. F07 Walk On Life Road.mp3
  8. F08 Home and Everything.mp3
  9. F09 Love Always -Live.mp3
  10. F10 Sweet (New).mp3
  11. F11 Letter.mp3
  12. F12 Red Candle Tear.mp3
  13. F13 Love Always-orig.mp3
  14. V01 Learning From Drunk.mp3
  15. V02 Full Of Happiness- Baby Sorry -Sha La La.mp3
  16. V03 Love at first experience.mp3
  17. V04 Overcast.mp3
  18. V05 Suddenly I miss you.mp3
  19. V06 Can not guess.mp3
  20. V07 Give Me a reason to forget .mp3
  21. V08 Practice love.mp3
  22. V09 Let It Be.mp3
  23. V10 Can't Say The Secret.mp3