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    For 09/30/2017 New York Gig

  1. N01 Yi Hai Hao Qing-MMO.mp3
  2. N02 Jail-MMO.mp3
  3. N03 Lost Paradise.mp3
  4. N04 Loves You Deep.mp3
  5. N05 The Night You Left-MMO.mp3
  6. N06 Love is More Important Than Me.mp3
  7. N07 Qing Cheng.mp3
  8. N08 You are the most precious.mp3
  9. N09 Xin Ru Dao Ger.mp3
  10. N10 The Fate Of Hope.mp3
  11. N11 Then Who - MMO.mp3
  12. N12 Unexpected - MMO.mp3
  13. Y01 Where Is My Happiness.mp3
  14. Y02 Not Beside Me.mp3
  15. Y03 I'm a Little Bird.mp3
  16. Y04 Love To Be Frank.mp3
  17. Y05 Missing You 365 Days.mp3
  18. Y06 I Love You.mp3
  19. Y07 Only You No Him.mp3